Fast AI Talent Scans

Our AI Talent Scan applies deep learning algorithms to score authored text on 16 predictive factors, tagging talent as high-value, investment-worthy, or role-challenged.

Our Trust Scan applies the only integrity test created for high-impact professionals and bench-marked against 812 white collar felons (including Bernie Madoff) to protect companies from illegal and toxic behavior.

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Deep Job Modeling

When done at all up to now, job modeling at the low end involved interviewing the hiring manager. Interviewing a few star performers formed the next step up. Testing a few "winners" came next and testing a sizable sample of successful and struggling performers was best practice.

Deep Modeling from TAG goes deeper to scan top performers, dropouts, and those terminated for cause.

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Psychometric Signs | Performance Samples

Validated, multi-item, self-report tests of integrity, interests, judgment, and personality efficiently substantiate the first look afforded by an AI Talent Scan.

Performance Samples include tests of technical and general mental ability, multi-rater performance feedback surveys, work simulations & games, background checks, and patterned behavioral interviews.

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Talent Matters

Talent Matters has been said many times in different ways by business leaders such as Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson, Jack Welsh, Walt Wriston, Lawrence Bossidy, and Ray Dalio. Too many times to fit here.

Research backs up the sentiment. Lee and Steel (2019) calculated a 14-17% boost to US GDP possible if prediction science vs. subjective feelings drove talent decisions. That's over a trillion dollars a year.

A study by economists found that hiring managers and a validated test agreed about 65% of the time. But when hiring managers overrode the test, they were wrong 85% of the time, causing costly negative business impacts.  A study reported in the Harvard Business Review found that replacing toxic talent with average talent was ten times more valuable than replacing average talent with a star.

John Hagel of the Deloitte Center for Edge Perspectives has shown how talent is the only sustainable competitive advantage. In today's era of the big shift, Return On Assets for all publicly traded corporations has steadily declined over the past 60 years. The big shift is away from scale-able efficiency (best done by machines) to scale-able learning (can't yet be done by machines). The companies that earn the retention of innovative talent are the ones that win. In this era bad bosses are a terminal condition.


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You can read the research, but there is nothing like seeing it work for yourself. Pick a pivotal team, choose the type of scan, we collect the data and produce summary analytics to go over with you.

If you are intrigued by what you see and would like to move deeper, we fit a TAG solution to your specific needs. If you decide not to, there is no charge.

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