Our Approach

A strategic complementary solution with three layers of talent data science that exceeds the sum of its parts. We deploy three-layers of data science to efficiently find and optimize the stars, investment-worthy, and role-challenged talent action types for the current and future workforce.

    1. Machine-Learning

Super-fast machine-learning AI that objectively triage performers or candidates into talent action types based on authored text analytics and site behaviors.

    1. Performance Signs

Validated psychometric self-report tests of integrity, personality, motivation, and career interest that provide accurate performance prediction.

    1. Performance Samples

Best-practice measures of cognitive ability, role simulation, performance 360°, background checks, and structured behavioral interviews.

No one comes close to our speed, prediction power, and positive talent experience.


Core Team

TJ Pic

Dr. Tom Janz

Chief Science Officer and Chairman

PhD from The University of Minnesota. Published research and the classic textbook that popularized Behavioral Interviewing. Published work in corporate culture and pioneered simulation software for forecasting the business impacts of scientific selection.

RCA SM Biz Look Lo-Lo Res Right Wht Crop

Robert Ashmun

Chief Strategist, Operations, Marketing

Walmart, Air Force/NASA, Exxon, Belgravia Financial, CBS, Disney. Drives results in startups to F100’s. Delivers business growth through strategy/innovation aligned with culture and driven by operational excellence.

George P Pic

Dr. George Paajanen

Chief Psychometrician

Ph D from The University of Minnesota. Has worked at PDI and Unicru. George’s tests have been taken by 140 million candidates and validated in over 240 studies.

Stamp Pic

Dr. Jeffrey Stamp

Chief Innovator


PhD’s in Applied Mathematics & Chemistry. An innovation leader who has built four $100 million-plus brands. Worldwide innovation consulting experience. Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Univ. of North Dakota; the creator and brand manager of Baked Lays for Pepsi Co. achieving $230 million its first year; Main Trained Brain at Eureka Ranch; winner of the "George Land World-Class Innovator Award.

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