Does effortless talent analytics work?

Dr. Bob Eichinger, the Guru of practical I/O psychology, brought us the Leadership Architect, the immutable 67 competencies, learning agility, the 70/20/10 rule for talent development, and the nine box chart for potential vs. performance. Dr. Bob also famously said that when it comes to assessment, “Crap sells”.

There are different types of crap. First there is pure crap– as in handwriting analysis of a single sentence sold as a perfect predictor of fit to a specific job. There are personality tests based on color preference. And there are endless science-free surveys, sometimes designed to look like someone else’s science-free seller. Then there is impractical crap– as in science-based tests that feature scores of items and a score of scores. Hiring managers get lost in the reporting complexity and go with their gut feelings anyways. Now there is fun and exciting crap– Puzzles, games, virtual reality headsets even. They do cost a lot of time and money to create, but have yet to deliver much boost to business outcomes beyond what is already possible from simpler assessments.

But what if there was a way to assess professional talent in under 30 seconds with no effort required on the part of the talent? This article reports on my personal network research into just such an assessment.

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