Is Behavioral Interviewing easy?

The Concept is easy enough. Collect a handful of specific achievements, challenges, or failures that pinpoint the difference between contenders and pretenders. Then ask candidates what they did when they faced similar situations.

Contenders deliver results, overcome challenges, redefine obstacles, and efficiently deliver value to customers. Pretenders deliver excuses, delays, deflection and insults. By their actions, ye shall know them.

Yet, even after reading blogs, watching videos, and attending interviewing workshops, many recruiters and hiring managers get only a part of the way there. They: 1 Revert to non-behavioral questions | 2 Let it slide when candidates bluff or slip away from answering the question | 3 Take poor, opinionated notes when they take notes at all, | 4 Rate the person and not the behaviors against defined anchors of effective vs. ineffective behavior descriptions.

What can be done? Watch the video.

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